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An open letter about  upgrading to Windows 10:

In Response to those who could upgrade but don’t want to or have ‘heard’ things...

  • When it comes to Windows 10, there are pros and cons. 

  • Most software runs with Windows 10 but there are a few that absolutely won’t. 

  • Do you know which software will not function in Windows 10? If not, we can assess that for you.

Offhand, some older versions of QuickBooks are a little glitchy… there are other applications that won’t run in the Windows 10 environment, generally these are older applications that are in need of an upgrade…sooner or later. Although we have had success running applications up to 10 years old…  the better quality applications have updates that accommodate the Operating System upgrade. 

The interface (Desktop) is more akin to Windows 7 which is nice, plus there are huge benefits when it comes to security and overall functionality.

 As with all Windows upgrades, there has always been ‘people’ who don’t like the change… from our perspective, these are the same people that tend to get viruses because they shun a change for the better, or panic when an icon is moved from one side of the screen to another.

This is a type of ‘Group-Think’ that promotes fear of change. All technological progress, for better or worse carries with it a change that will affect some system that have been neglected. Systems supported by Total Care IT and regularly maintained generally don’t have these issues. Although compatibility with certain hardware is possible, this tend to occur in systems that are past the 5 to 7-year range and should be considered for replacement.

As time progresses, the older operating systems will become less secure/more vulnerable to malicious attack. Granted that Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 till 2020, the support is already in their secondary phase where it mainly applies to patches and small bugs fixes. There will be no more major releases or ‘Service Packs’ for Windows 7.

Also consider the age of the computer. The average computer, it’s main storage component has a 3 to 5-year life expectancy with normal use. These are machines and will eventually break down, and when they do, to get a Windows 7 system would then require a special order, or a custom built system. 

In either case, if the system tries to update to Windows 10, let us know and we can stop it, and/or roll it back.


The first and only local computer workshop open 7 days a week!

  • Remote Rescue Service : Secure Remote Support  Help & Maintenance
  • Remote Rescue 911: Secure Remote Support Help & Maintenance
  • NSB Remote Rescue Services: Secure Remote Support Help & Maintenance
  • Total Care IT: Maintenance and Support Plans with  24/7/365 Server, Workstations, Laptop,  PC & MAC & LINUX  systems monitoring
  • Total Care IT - Edge: Onsite /Offsite DAS/NAS and Cloud Backup & Recovery services
  • Total Care IT - Premium: All the benefits of Total Care IT, with unlimited on-site visits.
  • Secure Remote Support with an ITS Qualified Support Technician
  • Managed Enterprise grade Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • NSB & ITS Custom Shop
    • Custom Servers
    • Custom Workstations
  • 24/7 Support Helpline
    • 24/7 Support for all Total Care IT clients!

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Advantages of Managed Services

Break-Fix is the standard for average computer companies, but NSB Computers (an Intelligent Technology Services Company) is not your average computer company! Not only do we perform all the services of a “Break-Fix” computer shop, such as virus removal and hardware replacement, we have succeeded in doing what no other local computer company has been able to accomplish, providing Enterprise grade Managed Services for Home computer systems as well as Businesses!




 NSB Computers - an Intelligent Technology Services Company provides In-House, Onsite, Secure-Remote, and Managed computer support and repair.

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