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"There is no one perfect cure for any ill, and the ill always comes before the cure.. Most of all... common sense is your best defense."
-Carlo J. Mercieri Ph.D.

Whether you are surfing the web for fun, research, business or pleasure there is the potential for a malicious software (a.k.a. Virus) to infect your computer.

NSB Computers has developed a unique approach to virus removal.

Unlike local computer stores or the National chains we don't have a "one software fixes all" approach. If that was the case, then everyone would have that software and there would be no more virus issues.

The approach begins with the understanding that each client's system, your system, is a unique case. Although the virus may be similar to other systems we've seen the big difference is how and what you use your computer for.

With this knowledge we can approach the system as a clinical technician, in other words, as a Doctor would approach his or her patient.

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